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2023 eventPower Team Photo

The Dream Team

Leadership Team

Frank Powell Photo Frank Powell
More About Frank
Mike McCarthy Photo Mike McCarthy
Chief Technology Officer
More About Mike
Laurie Powell Photo Laurie Powell
Chief Growth Officer
More About Laurie
Sharla Warren Photo Sharla Warren
Chief Operations Officer
More About Sharla

eventPower Team

Ralph Adriano Photo Ralph Adriano
Customer Support
More About Ralph
Becky Atherton Photo Becky Atherton
Project Manager
More About Becky
David Basco Photo David Basco
Customer Service Specialist
More About David
Team Photo - Mike Bongorno Mike Bongorno
Senior Software Engineer
More About Mike
Erin Casey Photo Erin Casey
Project Manager
More About Erin
Kevin Casey Photo Kevin Casey
Event Technology Specialist
More About Kevin
Team Photo - Taylor Clifton Taylor Clifton
Business Development Manager
More About Taylor
Team Photo - Kate Coelln Kate Coelln
Director of Customer Service
More About Kate
Sue Comer Photo Sue Comer
Vice President of Finance
More About Sue
Megan Corn Photo Megan Corn
Project Manager
More About Megan
Maria DesRochers Photo Maria DesRochers
Project Manager
More About Maria
Diane Dodson Photo Diane Dodson
Account Manager
More About Diane
Neil Empey Photo Neil Empey
Software Developer
More About Neil
Charles Estrella Photo Charles Edward Estrella
Customer Support
More About Charles
Katie Erpenbach Photo Katie Erpenbach
Project Manager
More About Katie
Tyler Goudreau Photo Tyler Goudreau
Project Manager
More About Tyler
Team Photo - Damien Grimm Damien Grimm
Production Manager
More About Damien
Leigh Guzman Photo Leigh Guzman
Customer Service Team Lead
More About Leigh
Team Photo - Andrea Hall Andrea Hall
Principal Software Developer
More About Andrea
Marnie Herren Photo Marnie Herren
Director of Speaker Services
More About Marnie
Team Photo - Teri Caron Teri Higgins
Exhibit Product Manager/Senior Fulfillment Manager
More About Teri
Dara Hobbs Photo Dara Hobbs
Project Manager
More About Dara
Sommer Jackson Photo Sommer Jackson
Project Manager
More About Sommer
Samantha Jenkins Photo Sam Jenkins
Special Projects and Training Facilitator
More About Sam
Lexie Kassebaum Photo Lexie Kassebaum
Marketing Coordinator
More About Lexie
Mark Labonte Photo Mark LaBonte
AV & Logistics Senior Manager
More About Mark
Crystal Madison Photo Crystal Madison
Project Manager
More About Crystal
Carrie Mayer Photo Carrie Mayer
Project Manager
More About Carrie
Team Photo - Marisa McCarthy Marisa McCarthy
Senior Product Design Manager
More About Marisa
Matt McGartland Photo Matt McGartland
Event Technology Specialist
More About Matt
Dan Moore Photo Dan Moore
Senior Software Engineer
More About Dan
Lana Neudorfer Photo Lana Neudorfer
Fulfillment & Exhibit Hall Manager
More About Lana
Claudia Niewar Photo Claudia Niewar
Project Manager
More About Claudia
Erin Ong Photo Erin Ong
Account Manager
More About Erin
Ariel Pankratz Photo Ariel Pankratz
Project Manager
More About Ariel
Lauren Pries Photo Lauren Pries
Project Manager
More About Lauren
Nicholas Rasp Photo Nicholas Rasp
Front End Developer
More About Nick
Team Photo - Linda Roberson Linda Roberson
Senior Finance Manager
More About Linda
Michael Rueff Photo Michael Rueff
Event Technology Specialist
More About Michael
Team Photo - Sharon Ruyle Sharon Ruyle
Senior Customer Service Manager
More About Sharon
Stephanie Schatzel Photo Stephanie Schatzel
Senior Project Manager
More About Stephanie
Tiffany Sheets Photo Tiffany Sheets
Project Manager
More About Tiffany
Kat Sigua Photo Kat Sigua
Customer Support
More About Kat
Cindy St. Clair Photo Cindy St. Clair
Vice President of People
More About Cindy
Hiroko Strange Photo Hiroko Strange
Director of Creative Services
More About Hiroko
Katie VanTasel Photo Katie VanTasel
Fulfillment Coordinator
More About Katie
Team Photo - Courtney Witter Courtney Witter
Director of Registration Services
More About Courtney
Kayleigh Zahn Photo Kayleigh Zahn
Project Manager
More About Kayleigh

Our Clients are Talking

LOA Symposium Photo

eventPower’s background as meeting planners themselves creates a natural working relationship. eventPower has become an extension of our organization when we work together and we truly consider them a teammate and advisor rather than a vendor.”

- Jondavid DuVall
Chief Operating Officer
Logistic Officer Association (LOA)