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Kayleigh Zahn

Senior Project Manager

Kayleigh Zahn Photo

An Outdoorsy Kind of Girl

I love being outside. It gives me the energy I need. Most of our trips always include some sort of camping or hiking element. I love traveling with my two kids who are excellent sleepers now in the hiking backpack.

Meet Kayleigh

Kayleigh's career began at a catering and event planning company in South Tampa where she worked social events from weddings to holiday parties and charity galas. In 2009 when the SuperBowl came to Tampa, her company was chosen to manage catering for the production team for the tailgate and create a dessert booth in the NFL Tailgate event prior to kickoff. Prior to eventPower, Kayleigh worked at Raymond James as a meeting planner, planning education conferences and seminars. In her free time, she enjoys working out outside, traveling to National Parks, hiking, camping, boating and traveling with her family. Her goal is to travel to every state and National Park in the United States and eventually travel internationally with her two children. Kayleigh resides in Tampa, FL with her husband, son & daughter.

Fun Facts

Would you rather vacation on the beach or in the mountains?

Living in Florida, we love taking our boat out early in the morning and finding a remote island to play at all day. When we travel, we always go to the mountains. It's wonderful to get away from "home" and experience a new hiking trail, mountain and enjoy the fresh air.

What was your favorite vacation?

My husband and I rented a camper van and visited 6 National Parks in 9 states plus Canada in 2 weeks and drove just under 4,500 miles. It was a whirlwind of fun, sweat and laughs. We loved traveling, and after that trip, it made us want to get out and explore more off the beaten path.

What are you dying to try but haven't done yet?

I would love to get to Hawaii and surf!

Were you named after anyone?

I was named after a song. It's about a guy who loves this girl, but he broke her heart and she broke his. My mom loved it because the guy was British and said her name "Kayleigh" in a great accent. Years later, we actually met someone who knew the band member who wrote the song, and it was about a real girl. A young love heartbreak, they didn't end up back together, but in the end, happy on both ends.

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