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Kevin Casey

Event Technology Specialist

Kevin Casey Photo

Soccer Fan

I love watching soccer (football), and I was so excited for St. Louis to finally get a home team. When they announced it, my wife and I quickly got season tickets. I was able to travel to Austin to see their inaugural game, and we have enjoyed seeing them on their home turf as often as possible.

Meet Kevin

Kevin's passion for events started with his internship with the St. Louis Blues Hockey Club. While there, Kevin served in several capacities, including as Guest Services Manager and in Operations as Building Manager. His next adventure led him to Visitor Services at the Missouri Botanical Garden, where he managed staffing for various events such as the annual Garden Glow and the Whitaker Summer Music Festival. Kevin found his way to eventPower through his lovely wife, who had no reservations about pulling him in to work shows in whatever role was needed. Kevin is what you would consider a "Jack of all trades", having done a little of everything. Kevin joined eventPower in 2023 as an Event Technology Specialist.

Fun Facts

What are some things everyone should try at least once their lifetime?

Get out of your comfort zone and travel. See things that are off the beaten path and experience how others live.

What was your favorite Halloween costume?

One year I dressed up as Chris Farley from the Saturday Night Live Chippendales skit. Luckily, it was a warmer year....

What was your favorite vacation?

I'm about to go to Ireland, London, Amsterdam and Paris. I don't know how it could top any other trip I've been on.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

There is a place by my house that serves Salted Cracker Carmel. It is all chocolate, caramel, love, pretzels, warm hugs, salt and hard caramel as well. It ruins any diet just by reading about it.

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