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Crystal Madison

Project Manager

Crystal Madison Photo

Blank Canvas

I love painting and love modern art museums. This picture was taken at a pop-up art exhibit. Each room consisted of a different artist showcase. The room in the picture was titled "What a Beautiful Mess". Typically my art space looks like this beautiful mess in the picture so I wanted to capture the moment.

Meet Crystal

Crystal is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Event Coordinating. With over ten years of event management experience, Crystal uses her event strategy skills of problem-solving, creative event design and resilience to help clients produce award-winning events. Crystal is passionate and committed to helping people. She has leveraged her experience working with global associations, non-profits, event agencies and specialty firms. Her signature is creative and tasteful designs with incredible attention to detail and structured logistical event flow. In addition to her professional experience, Crystal obtained her certification as a Pandemic Compliance Advisor.

Fun Facts

Would you rather vacation on the beach or in the mountains?

I would 100% rather vacation on a beach. The sound of the waves provides so much peace. Also, I would have my husband with me as we snorkeled through the sea.

When you were 16, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an Interior Designer.

What is your 'go to' karaoke song?

Back & Forth - Aaliyah

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie would be the classic James Bond. I love Cary Grant as James Bond.

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