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eventPower has partnered with TripBuilder Media to provide a seamless Mobile App experience to your attendees. Leveraging the industry-leading TripBuilder EventMobile™ App provides your attendees an easy to use native app to access Speaker, Exhibitor, Agenda, Attendee, Sponsor, and other critical event information before and at the event.

TripBuilder's EventMobile™ App makes it easy for you and your audience to communicate, network, educate, motivate, and most importantly, engage! Simple and tailored to your needs, we offer many ways to build buzz and boost app downloads, including our own curated content highlighting the best places to eat and visit in your event city.

Tight Data Integration

Don't even consider double-entering data in two systems. Manage all your data in eventPower and have it immediately available to your attendees via their TripBuilder mobile app. All attendees, speakers, agenda, exhibitors, and sponsors are automatically synchronized, ensuring your attendees are always looking at the most up-to-date information.

eventPower and TripBuilder Working Together

By working with eventPower and TripBuilder, you are taking advantage of an ongoing 4-year partnership. You don't have to work with two separate companies, struggling to set up calls to get everything accomplished. Your eventPower lead will handle all the coordination required, allowing you to focus on your event.

Mobile App Options

Option A - Shared Event App
This low cost option provides your attendees all the features you need at a competitive price-point. Attendees download the "ShoApp" app from the App Store and selects your event. After selecting your event, the app is branded to your event, and includes all the same functionality. Not requiring customized app development and publishing saves you time and money while providing your attendees the information they need.

Option B - Dedicated Event App
All the same functionality as the Shared Event App, but your app is downloaded directly from the App Store. It's dedicated to your event, providing your attendees a fully-branded experience for your event.

Option C - Customized Event App
Need additional customizations? Gamification, polling, matchmaking, or other custom-developed requirements are all possible. Your team will work directly with eventPower and TripBuilder to create the custom attendee experience you need for your event.

Feature Table

Option A
Shared Event App
Option B
Dedicated Event App
Option C
Customized Event App
Integrated Content
Real-Time Data Integration with eventPower
About (Event, App)
iOS (Apple) Native App
Android Native App
HTML5 Mobile Web App
Accessing the App
Use a Single Platform-Independent Link
Download the eventPower ShoApp    
Download by Event Name  
Completely Branded to Your Event  
Require Login (Optional)
User Experience
Intuitive User Interface
Guided Tour
Global Search
Event Logo on Main Menu
Overall Event Survey
Session-Specific Surveys
Push Notifications
Generate Revenue
Rotating Banner Ads
Sponsored Push Notifications
Featured Exhibitors
Timed Splash Screens
In-App Help Desk
User Support Via In-App Help Desk
24/7 Client Support
Social Feed
Social Media Links
Photo Gallery
Activity Feed
Custom Features
Custom Modules and Links    
Gamification & Scavenger Hunts    
Personalize Features based on Registration Type    
Other Custom Features too Numerous to List    

Pricing Options

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