Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Create Value for Your Exhibitors

Provide eventPower's Lead Retrieval solution to your exhibitors to make their attendee lead collection effortless. Exhibitors will appreciate the value-add of easily capturing attendee data and supporting quick follow-up.

Download the App or Rent a Device

PDAs, laser scanners, and custom hardware is outdated. Exhibitors expect to be able to download an app to their Smartphone and have a full-functioned app with minimal training. Alternately, eventPower can provide iPhone/Samsung devices for rental. This makes it easy to support events from 5 exhibitors to 500 or more!

Our App

We have been providing Lead Retrieval services for over 15 years across 4 technology infrastructures - we know how to do Lead Retrieval right! Our custom designed and developed app is compatible with a wide range of iOS (Apple) and Android devices including phones and tablets. It's easy to download and even easier to use. Exhibitors can access their leads real-time on their device, email the leads to their team, or access them from their office post-event.


While exhibitors can quickly capture an attendee's contact and demographic information with a simple scan, they can also add notes, take a photo, check-off qualifier questions, and more using the eventPower app.

Event Producer Benefits

As an event producer, increasing your exhibitors' ROI is key to re-signs and increased sales. Giving your exhibitors metrics on their lead capture ensures they know their attendee interaction. As the event producer, you have access to the metrics and leads your exhibitors are capturing.

Flexible Pricing

We know your event is unique, so we don't have fixed pricing. We price Lead Retrieval downloads and rentals based on your experience with your exhibitors to balance event cash-flow and value to the exhibitor. We can also work with you to include Lead Retrievals in the cost of exhibit booths and/or sponsorships. Revenue sharing options are available to offset other event costs.

Pricing Options

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