Speaker and Agenda Management

Save time and aggravation using eventPower's Speaker Management and integrated Agenda tools. Keep all your program and speaker information in one place while providing a consistent interface for speakers to provide and receive their information.

Call for Presentations

Presentation Submissions Made Easy
Our online Call for Presentations process makes it easy for presenters to submit their proposals for presentations. Collect as little or as much data as you need including co-presenters, abstracts, presentations, detailed questions, or even videos of their proposal! All information is captured in eventPower's secure database to allow monitoring of submissions throughout the process.

Review Process

Effortless Review Process
What do you do after you receive all these presentation proposals? Do you still try to sort through them in a spreadsheet? Instead, let your team review and score the proposals and make your decision based on the team's reviews. Whether it's a review team of 1 or 100 (we've done events with over 200 reviewers), the review tool handles it all and makes it effortless for reviewers to provide their feedback. Accept, decline, and short-list proposals with a click!

Speaker Communication & Data Collection

Presenter Zone Makes Things Simple
Managing many speakers is a challenge; collecting bios, headshots, presentation changes, descriptions, via email can easily become a full time job. eventPower's Presenter Zone makes it a snap for presenters to upload and update their personal and presentation information. Communicate time, date and room changes to the speakers and provide them a single point of data collection and dissemination.

Online Agenda

Real-Time Agenda Updating
We've all been there; a session changes times, and you now have to update your tracking spreadsheet, the website, the printable agenda, mobile app, and then email the speaker to ensure they got the change. Why not just manage your whole event agenda in the eventPower agenda tool? All the presentation and speaker details pull automatically from the speaker database making changes easy. Publish the real-time agenda to your website, export for a printed guide, and enable a real-time API to push changes to your mobile app. Managing your schedule has never been easier!

Manage Presentations

Presenter Zone Makes Things Simple
Optionally collect PowerPoint presentations from your presenters pre-show via their Presenter Zone. They don't have to worry about traveling with a laptop or flash drive, and you have all their presentations in a single easily accessible location. Publish presentations to your mobile app and/or website during or after the event.

eventPower Speaker Management Team

Extension of Your Team
We become an extension of your event team. eventPower speaker managers can teach your staff to run the speaker management too beginning to end, or we can take a more active role and handle speaker management for you leaving you and your team with more time to focus on the program.

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