Digital Signage

Utilize eventPower’s digital signage and digital agenda application and hardware to populate digital signage and agenda board content. Mobile digital signage developed specifically for the conference and meeting planning industry.


  • Digital agenda boards are perfect for schedules that are fluid or change onsite or close to the event date
  • Meeting room signs can change at scheduled times throughout each day
  • Sponsor information can rotate to increase exposure and sponsorship opportunities
  • Showcase twitter feeds or other social media onsite using digital signage

Digital Signage Application & Hardware

  • Digital sign application is loaded on a mobile device which is connected to a monitor
  • Application can run onsite via broadband or without internet connectivity
  • Upload conference sign graphic and content is added via signage application
  • Sign content can be changed at any time
  • Scalable for unlimited number of digital signs
  • Onsite staffing support available for sign management

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