Call for Presentations

eventPower has deployed a secure cloud-based online speaker management system that allows our clients to efficiently conduct an online call for presentations, compile all presenter information, review applications and assign locations. The tool provides a collaborative environment that simplifies and centralizes the presentation management process.


  • Online call for presentations
  • Review, accept or reject applications
  • Assign onsite location of presentations
  • Accept and showcase presentations online
  • Integrate presentations with your event website or mobile application
  • Collaborate and share information across your team
  • Support staff available

Online Tools

  • Cloud-based, multi-user tool designed for team collaboration
  • Create a custom call for presentations application and submission process
  • Create the application yourself or eventPower’s staff can do it for you
  • Accept written or video applications; allow presenters to upload or provide details
  • Ability of planning committee to collaborate, insert private notes and rate, accept or reject each presenter applicant
  • 24/7 access for approved individuals
  • Access levels or roles can be adjusted for each individual on the planning committee
  • Automatic email confirmations, acceptances and rejections sent to presenters
  • A secure, central portal for presenters to obtain information about the conference and logistics
  • A secure portal allows presenters to change details and upload presentation details throughout the planning process
  • Collect presentation graphics and other details within the system
  • Online approval process before internet/website data goes live
  • Approved data is automatically pushed to an online agenda and/or mobile application of client's choosing
  • Link data to a conference mobile app of your choice
  • Data is easily exported for the graphics team to develop promotional materials and a program guide
  • Seamlessly register presenters for the event using eventPower’s registration tool or link via APIs to other registration systems
  • Ability to collect presenter registration fees within the system

eventPower’s staff will assist your team throughout every step of the process.

Staffing & Contract Labor Available

Our clients have the ability of having eventPower’s skilled meeting planners and speaker managers at their service. The eventPower staff can manage the entire process or work with your internal staff to ensure the presentations are presented correctly.

Pre-Conference support

  • Coordinate with presenters via phone, email and other correspondence
  • Manage presenter logistics
  • Call center for presenter questions
  • Ensure collection of all presenter data
  • Organize session layout/floor plan
  • Assign presentation space online using using ExpoCAD layout software

Onsite Support

  • eventPower staff can manage the entire onsite presentations process with staff who are experienced in managing sessions from tens to hundreds of presentations

Post-Conference Support

  • Management will have access to all updated presentations after the event
  • Presentations and associated details approved for posting can automatically be available on the conference website/agenda after the conference
  • Availability of post-conference presentations and details can be made available publicly, to all attendees, or to only select attendees

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