Logistics & AV Project Manager

Job Description

Logistics Role

Under the logistics role, the person will manage eventPower’s warehouses and equipment. The responsibility includes ensuring the equipment is available and in working order, supplies are stocked, and shipments arrive when/where they need to go. Communication with team members is essential to ensure they have the equipment and they know how to pack and ship it to the next location. Currently, eventPower has warehouses in Tampa, FL and Nashville, TN.

Audio Visual Role

The AV portion of the role includes planning and onsite execution of conference AV requirements. Responsibilities including managing the AV plan and set-up for each breakout room for any events that use AV equipment. In addition, the role oversees subcontractors and production companies for the other sessions and areas where eventPower equipment is not going to be used. An integral component to this role is the ability to communicate and coordinate with the events team to ensure that each event is successful for our speakers, clients, and attendees.

This role requires the ability to set up, support, and operate breakout rooms and basic session rooms. Other eventPower team members or contracted stagehands will help, but this person must already be familiar with the required equipment for the onsite setups. AV setups using eventPower-owned equipment are fairly basic setups. The ability to troubleshoot and This interconnect and all of eventPower’s audio and video equipment is essential.


This position is a full-time salaried position which can require up to 50% travel. Benefits include health insurance and 401K.

Primary Responsibilities

Logistics Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all equipment ends up in the desired location at the right time
  • Prepare, track, organize, and plan equipment shipping from one event to the next
  • Manage warehouse and inventories for all eventPower equipment. Equipment is stored in Tampa, FL and Nashville, TN. Frequent travel to one or both of these cities to organize shipments will be required.
  • Plan and execute shipping with third party shipping companies (FedEx and ShoAir are current providers)
  • Maintain and manage the repair of damaged equipment
  • Analyze equipment requirements across multiple projects and manage how to get equipment from event to event
  • Convey location and tracking of shipments to the team who will be onsite at each event
  • Maintain inventory documents and inventory location databases/spreadsheets
  • Design and organize equipment shipping containers for new equipment
  • Work with third party case design company to build cases for equipment
  • Inventory, prepare and pack conference equipment and supplies
  • Work with onsite staff to track supplies that need to be restocked or equipment that needs to be repaired

Pre-Conference AV Responsibilities

  • Work with lead meeting planner to determine conference AV requirements
  • Subcontract AV providers for shows that are too large to be fully produced internally
  • Leverage AV contractor and eventPower’s equipment to fully manage requirements
  • In some cases, manage onsite AV subcontractors to set up and execute room setup and management requirements
  • Diagram technical and seating configuration of all non-subcontracted meeting rooms
  • Ensure AV equipment is in working order and make suggestions when new equipment is required

Onsite AV Responsibilities

  • Receive and help distribute all conference equipment
  • Setup all eventPower AV equipment, with assistance when needed
  • Setup ancillary AV
  • Time permitting help registration, speaker management and command room setup
  • Support speakers to meet their audio and video needs
  • Assist with issues that may arise with subcontractors
  • Breakdown conference AV, with assistance if needed
  • Lead in packup of all conference equipment
  • Setup Poll Everywhere system for live surveys on shows that require it

Additional Responsibilities

  • Assist with registration at conferences that do not have AV requirements
  • Registration requirements include basic setup and teardown of registration computers, printers
  • Assist with management of registration for some shows

Required Experience

  • Associates degree or comparable industry training/certification (i.e. CTS).
  • A minimum of 5 Years experience with logistics and/or conference AV production (Production Management is a plus)
  • Highly organized
  • Strong, controlled, and polite communication skills
  • Well developed knowledge and competency with various AV equipment, Windows, Microsoft Office, and Apple
  • Fluency with the Google docs platform (90% of documents are shared within Google Docs)
  • Ability to design, navigate, and leverage spreadsheets and databases to manage location, shipping, and tracking of equipment
  • Basic IT and networking proficiency a plus
  • Willingness to provide assistance whenever and with whatever job requires


To apply, please send an email to careers@eventPower.com.

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