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Speaker and Agenda Management


  • Create a customized online call for papers
  • Scalable for any size event
  • Easily review, accept or reject applications
  • Coordinate hundreds of presenters throughout unlimited tracks
  • Create an online agenda from the accepted applications
  • Easily compile presenter information and presentation details
  • Export information for real-time website updates and graphics production
  • Collaborate across your team and clients
  • eventPower has support staff and skilled speaker managers at your service

Online Speaker Management Tool

  • Cloud-based, multi-user tool designed for team collaboration
  • Create a custom call for papers application and submission process
  • Accept written or video applications; allow presenters to upload or type abstract details
  • Ability of planning committee to collaborate, insert private notes and score, accept or reject each presenter applicant
  • 24/7 access for approved individuals
  • Access levels or roles can be adjusted for each individual on the planning committee
  • Automatic email confirmations, acceptances and rejections sent to presenters
  • A secure, centralized portal for presenters to obtain information about the conference and logistics of their scheduled session
  • A secure portal allows presenters to change and upload presentation information throughout the planning process
  • Collect presentation slides within the system
  • Approved data is automatically pushed to an online agenda and/or mobile application
  • Agenda and biography data is easily exported for the development of promotional materials, signage and program guide
  • Integrate real-time agenda & presenter data with a conference mobile app of your choice
  • Seamlessly register presenters for the event using the eventPower registration tool
  • Utilize eventPower’s Digital Signage tools to dynamically display your event agenda and agenda updates on captivating digital message boards throughout the venue.
  • Assistance from eventPower’s staff throughout every step of the process
  • Don’t want to get caught up in the process? eventPower can build the site and get it ready for your team to execute.

Staffing & Contract Labor Available

Our clients have the ability of having eventPower’s skilled meeting planners and speaker managers at their service. eventPower’s experienced staff can help your team in the pre-conference and onsite portion of the production. eventPower has the staff and equipment available to support the entire speaker management process.

Pre-Conference support
  • Coordinate with presenters via phone, email and other correspondence
  • Manage presenter logistics
  • Call center for presenter questions
  • Ensure collection of all presenter data
  • General session coordination
  • Breakout room coordination
  • Script writing services
  • Coordinate with production team
  • Utilize social media campaigns to drive call for presenter interest
  • Distinguished Visitor (DV/VIP) support includes compiling arrival and departure information, arranging airport transfers, room upgrades, gift baskets in room, presenter gift coordination and overall DV support

Onsite support

  • Network computers in the speaker ready room to all meeting rooms
  • Automated synchronization tools that eliminate the need to use thumb drives to update presentations in each room; automatically push presentations stored in the speaker management database to the correct meeting room
  • Presenters can update presentations in the speaker ready room, on their mobile device or in their hotel room at any time using their secure portal; the slides in the meeting room will be automatically updated in real time
  • Real-time access to slides behind the stage or at the control booth for AV production

Post-Conference support

  • Access to all updated presentations after the event
  • Presentations approved for posting can automatically be made available on the conference website/agenda during or after the conference
  • Availability of post-conference slides on the website to the public, all attendees or select attendees
  • Post-conference slides or videos can be available and serve a source of incremental revenue

Benefits to Event Producers

  • Focus on the content of the program rather than the minutiae of collecting speaker data
  • One central collaborative database for all speaker/presenter information
  • Eliminate the need for speakers emailing their presentation data
  • Eliminate the need to re-enter emailed data into outdated spreadsheets and documents
  • 24/7 access to data for the entire conference committee
  • Easily export/synchronize information into your website, printed materials, mobile website, and internal systems.
  • Greatly reduce the time it takes to organize dozens or hundreds of speakers
  • eventPower offers the software and services to support the entire speaker management process
  • eventPower staff can offer support onsite in the speaker ready room