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Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Put your exhibitors lead collection on steroids! eventPower provides cutting-edge handheld wireless lead capture and lead management system. The lead retrieval application is an easy and familiar ruggedized iPod system that will integrate with any registration badging system.


  • Provide an effective lead capturing and lead management system
  • Allow easy and fast access to scanned data
  • Hand held lead scanner device uses industry standard QR codes
  • Provide exhibitors the most advanced, easy and current technology to capture leads
  • Exhibitors who capture more leads are more likely to re-sign for exhibit space in the next event

Features for Exhibitors

  • Allows exhibitors to capture and follow up with more leads
  • No training required – ruggedized iPod system with a clean and easy-to-use interface.
  • Lightweight and mobile – exhibitors can use the system at networking events outside their booth.
  • Continuous scan mode – allows for repetitive scanning without touching the screen between scans.
  • Immediate access - Leads are available online immediately after synchronizing data
  • Online portal – exhibitors can view and download leads via a secure website using Excel and other standard formats
  • Spreadsheet data is easily imported to ACT, SalesForce, GoldMine or any other Customer

Relationship Management (CRM) software

  • Efficient follow-up – add notes for each lead
  • Raffle feature – randomly select a scanned lead with a push of a button
  • Battery powered – stays charged for 3-4 days and is easily rechargeable
  • No need for a power source in the booth
  • Native app - does not require internet connectivity to operate
  • Native lead app that can be downloaded on the exhibitor’s own device will be available mid 2014

Benefits to Event Producers

  • Increase cash flow - revenue share options are available
  • Event Producer shows support for sponsors and exhibitors
  • More leads = greater ROI = increased exhibitor booth re-signs
  • Minimal effort for the Event Producer
  • Ability to customize contact and demographic fields provided to the exhibitors
  • eventPower does not use or resell client data
  • The system uses an industry standard QR code that easily integrates with any badge printing software
  • In addition to lead retrieval systems, eventPower offers online and onsite registration solutions

Pricing Options

Specific pricing depends on size and type of event and if the service will be used in conjunction with other eventPower services.

  • Exhibitors pay a fee to rent each device
  • Revenue share options are available for the Event Producer (additional revenue stream)
  • Event Producer can include the rental fee within the booth price
  • Event Producer pays a flat fee and all exhibitors receive a lead scanner