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Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales

eventPower provides our clients a robust, cloud-based exhibit & sponsorship contracting tool. Our exhibit and sponsorship tools increase sales, enhance communications with your exhibitors and reduces administrative overhead from your staff to allow them to focus on sales. Accept contracts, receive payments, collect exhibitor information, disseminate exhibitor data and present everything cleanly on the conference website.


  • Increase sales
  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Bring the exhibit/sponsorship contracting process online
  • Automate mundane time consuming tasks
  • Centralize the storage of exhibitor information into one location
  • Automate the collection and dissemination of information to and from exhibitors
  • Enhance communications internally
  • Increase communications with exhibitors & sponsors
  • Collaborate across your team
  • 24/7 access to real-time data and reports

Online Contracting Tool

  • Cloud-based hosted solution that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, at any time
  • Create an online exhibit & sponsorship contracting site quickly and easily
  • Build an online contract internally or eventPower will build it for you
  • Automatically generate .pdf contracts and invoices
  • Create unlimited number of sponsorship offerings
  • Allow Exhibitors/Sponsors to contract themselves or work through an account manager
  • Ability to customize questions and pricing for each offering
  • Real-time booth reservation
  • Real-time interactive online floorplan
  • Customized email responses to inquiries and contracts
  • Personalized exhibitor portal allows exhibitors to log into their account to pay their bill, upload descriptions, register staff, receive registration coupon codes, access the exhibitor kit and obtain information regarding the exposition
  • 24/7 back-end access for sales team, management & the planning committee
  • Multi-user collaborative system with customized access for each user
  • A custom dashboard for each user that provides statistical and graphical at-a-glance reports
  • Ability to see overall sales or sales by account manager
  • View actual sales versus sales goals
  • Availability of pre-determined templates and customized reports
  • Export exhibitor lists into .xls or other standard formats
  • Seamlessly integrate with your website and mobile application, providing attendees real-time exhibitor promotion
  • Provide decorator 24/7 access to information they require
  • Availability of a B2B exhibitor and attendee matchmaking tool
  • Receive secure credit card payments using your own payment gateway. eventPower’s gateway provider is also available which offers extremely competitive rates (call for details).
  • Compliant with 508 accessibility standards

Onsite Space Selection

Get them while they are hot! Onsite space selection is the best means of securing revenue and assigning exhibit space. eventPower provides an onsite space selection tool that allows exhibitors to select their space and contract to exhibit within the web-based tool. A well organized re-sign process will save time and increase revenue.
  • Keep track of exhibitor priority points
  • Email space selection schedule to contracted exhibitors before the conference
  • Schedule automatic email or text reminders to contracted exhibitors minutes before their scheduled time
  • Real-time booth selection process
  • Collect signatures digitally
  • Track re-signs real time
  • See real time lists showing exhibitors who have re-signed and ones who have not. Use this information for personal reminders onsite
  • eventPower can help set-up and organize on onsite space selection office
  • eventPower can provide equipment & staffing support for the onsite process

Full Service Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Solutions

eventPower has a team of skilled exhibit and sponsorship sales professionals. Our team has over 30 years of sales experience with prospecting for new companies and increasing revenue. The full service option allows our clients to focus on the content of the conference while our team focuses on increasing revenue.

Our Team Will:
  • Prospect for new companies
  • Grow the number of exhibitors
  • Increase revenue
  • Manage the entire sales process
  • Create online exhibit & sponsorship contract
  • Design and Manage the exhibit floor plan
  • Work with your decorator or we can provide decorating service through one of our teaming partners
  • Manage onsite space selection process
  • Handle exhibitor support calls
  • Provide an online exhibitor portal for the collection and dissemination of information
  • Manage invoicing and collections
  • Provide a team of professionals onsite to manage the exhibit hall

1) In House: Your team, eventPower tools
2) Turn-Key solution: eventPower can manage the entire sales process

Either option, the eventPower team will be by your side throughout the entire process.