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Careers & Contract Labor


eventPower is not currently hiring full time staff. However, future planned positions include:

Account Manager, Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales

A qualified Account Manager will sell exhibit space and sponsorship offerings for both our corporate owned events and our client’s events. Conference sales span multiple industries.

Meeting Planner/Project Manager

eventPower will be seeking Meeting Planners to manage multiple programs ranging from small to large scale conferences. Qualified individuals must have at least five years of experience in managing large scale conferences and meetings. Meeting planners oversee and work on every aspect of the conference, ensure timelines are met, work within budgets, manage all subcontracts and work with the client and their vision.


eventPower will be seeking a qualified programmer to work with the design and development team. This team is responsible for programming eventPower’s cloud-based event management system. eventPower is constantly upgrading the system and adding new modules.

Please email resumes to:

Contract Labor

Apply to be on eventPower’s contract labor team.

eventPower is constantly seeking skilled meeting planners and contract labor to assist with pre-conference services and onsite support. eventPower seeks contract labor skilled in the following areas:

  • Pre-registration call-in support
  • Onsite registration staffing
  • Onsite directional staffing
  • Audio visual and production
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Video editor
  • Speaker management
  • VIP management
  • General conference support
  • Exhibit hall support
  • Exhibit sales
  • Coalition building

  • 5 references from events that took place within the past 3 years
  • Resume showcasing experience with both large and small scale conferences
  • At least 5 years of experience within the meeting and conference planning industry
  • Applicants must provide a list of at least five conferences the worked on within the past three years, indicate the approximate size of each conference and highlight along their realm of responsibility.
  • Please provide city and state of residence
  • Indicate if you are willing to fly to a location or if you prefer to support only local events

How to apply for a contract labor position:
1. Send an email highlighting your specific skills. Vague descriptions will reduce chances of being hired.
2. email:

NOTE: Please DO NOT CALL. Calling will eliminate prospective contract labor applicants.

Next step: Applicant information will be reviewed and kept in our database. When opportunities arise, the eventPower staff will make contact.